5G Dangers

5G Dangers

People, high tech addicts and microwave tech lovers—here’s something you probably don’t know nor care to know about right now other than your apparent ‘need’ for faster downloads, but you had better become acquainted with since it definitely will impact your life—maybe more dramatically than your not having high-speed Wi-Fi!

People need to understand and also factor into their consciousness certain reproducible facts about microwave technologies, especially that microwaves are not natural energies produced by Nature; they are man-made human-tissue-killing energy waves that impact all bodily functions and tissues, whether you believe that or not, since any type of energy produces effects!

Currently, I am working on producing an ‘anthology-like’ article containing verified factual research regarding microwave damage to human physiology at much lower levels of exposures than 5G, which may astound readers.  It will be quite a resource to have, so look for it.

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