EMF-GEAR Faraday Due-Rag Hat Cap Head Protection

Faraday Shield by EMF-Gear is a durag headgear designed for EMF radiation protection. This headgear is for protecting the head area, significantly reducing high frequency RF EMF generated from sources such as wireless internet modems and routers and other wireless devices, Bluetooth devices in the home and car, smart meters, cell towers, microwaves, cordless phones, security systems, as well as low frequency electrical fields from sources such as electrical wires, electrical Boxes, Household Appliances and high power transmission lines. High Quality Silver, or Nickel & Copper material for Performance. Paypal & All Major Credit and Debit Cards – Adjustable size fits all.

Cell phone 5G Dangers

5G Dangers

People, high tech addicts and microwave tech lovers—here’s something you probably don’t know nor care to know about right now other than your apparent ‘need’ for faster downloads, but you had better become acquainted with since it definitely will impact your life—maybe more dramatically than your not having high-speed Wi-Fi!